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Tucker Carlson, on the set of Tucker Carlson Tonight

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After I met Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, we had the chance to stop in at Fox News to watch a taping of Tucker Carlson Tonight and to meet Tucker Carlson. It was a great evening with a bunch of surprises!


At the entrance of Fox News in Washington, DC

We were invited in by Tucker’s assistant, Emily, who was really sweet!  She took us on a tour of the studios, which were in a boring building near the Capitol. You would never know there are TV studios inside. There’s also CSPAN and MSNBC, I think.

Here are some photos of the offices. It looks like any other random  office, except there are attached rooms with a huge amount of screens and electronics.

All the way at the end of the hall is Tucker’s studio. It was NOT what I expected! I thought it would be on the top floor of the building overlooking the Capitol with huge windows. I was definitely wrong!

It was a room with NO windows, and not really very big. I thought there’d be a bunch of assistants with clipboards and headphones, but there was just one guy in the room. Two of the cameras were remote controlled and the other person in the room seemed to mostly just keep track of time.  We sat in the corner of the room, and were able to watch the whole thing, which was very cool!



This is what’s under Tucker’s desk, in case you were wondering!

Then Tucker came in. He was super personable and talked to everyone who came that night. It seemed like after coming in the room and talking to someone through his earpiece, he just jumped into the show. From talking to the visitors, to the guy in his earpiece, to the show, all in a couple of seconds, no stress when the guy said “3, 2, 1..”.


At every commercial break, he’d talk with the guests again. I asked him questions during every break, and he answered all of them. He was so nice!



I got to sit in his chair at the end of the show!

Thank you to Tucker Carlson and Emily for inviting us over, it was great!!


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