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Lollipop Art in Chengdu!

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Jinli street in Chengdu can be a really crowded, but super-fun area with a lot of shops and snacks and souvenirs. Its great for people watching too. There are tourists from every country you can think of!  Within a few minutes, we heard people speaking Polish, French, English and a tour group passed by carrying a flag from Iran!

I spotted a woman making beautiful hot sugar lollipop artwork on Jinli street, but there were too many people waiting in line.  🙁

After we left Jinli, we wound up in a park where we found someone doing the same thing, but this time with no line!

There was a spinner and you give it a twirl and get whatever animal comes up. I got a rooster and my mom got a butterfly. It was a shame to eat it, it was so pretty!

You can watch the whole process in this video:

Very cool and tasty too!



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