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The Temple of Heaven in Beijing

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The Temple of Heaven is located in Southern Beijing and was built in 1420. This was during the period of the Ming Dynasty. The Emperors during the Ming and Qing Dynasties used the temple to make sacrifices to the gods.

There are three main altars in the huge and beautiful park. There is the Hall Of Prayer for Good Harvests, The Circular Mound Altar and The Imperial Vault of Heaven.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is the most well known of the structures in the park.  Here are some photos:




This is not the original structure from the 1400s! There was a fire at the end of the 1800s and the whole thing had to be rebuilt. It is breathtakingly beautiful and a must-see on any trip to Beijing.

The Temple of Heaven is a UNESCO World Heritage site and you can learn more about it here.





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